Welcome Buyer, Sellers & Exchangers!


The Goal of this new Website is to provide a unique, proactive real estate marketing tool that will benefit everyone by attracting buyers as well as sellers and exchangers.  Most real estate sites merely offer properties for sale, but leave out buyers wants and buyers are equally as important as sellers and, in our current market, buyers are potentially more important, since without buyers no sale could take place.

Furthermore, if a person desires to sell a personal residence in order to buy another or if an investor wishes to sell an investment property in order to buy another, he or she might well be considered both a seller and a buyer and a trader or an exchanger, thus creating another avenue for marketing.  Even better, if an investor completes a successful IRC 1031 Exchange in the process, he may defer gain from the sold or “Relinquished” property into the purchased or “Replacement” property.

Come and experience the satisfaction of finding your own buyer, seller or exchanger.  If you merely want to sell your existing property, go ahead and complete our “Have” Form.  If you want to sell your current property in order to buy another one, complete our “Have/Want” Form and thus create more potential for selling your current property.  Buyers, you’re in the driver’s seat, fill out our “Want” Form and see how popular you are.

Even better, it’s free to complete any of our basic forms and see your property(ies) appear behind the appropriate map section of our Homepage.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase an “enhancement” to our basic ad, if you desire.  Furthermore, your identity and any specific property locations will not be published so you will be protected – we will contact you on behalf of the other party.  The party wishing to contact you will be charged a $25 fee.  If you wish to contact another party, you will be charged the same fee to contact them.

To avoid any upfront fees, we can also discuss an agency relationship wherein I would partner with you in locating your buyer, seller or exchanger.  In this case, the only fee due is usually paid as a commission by the seller at closing.

Any questions?  Please blog me: